Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Executive Editors

Jody Bolz
E. Ethelbert Miller

Managing Editor

Laureen Schipsi

Review Editor

Jean Nordhaus

Translation Editor

Suzanne Zweizig

Contributing Editors

Cornelius Eady
Tony Hoagland
David Lehman
Alberto Ríos
Jane Shore
David Wagoner
Michele Wolf

Production Manager

Maureen Punte


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Poet Lore is published by The Writer’s Center, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. For more than 35 years, The Writer’s Center has been a home for writers from all over the Washington metropolitan area. The Writer’s Center cultivates the creation, publication, presentation, and dissemination of literary work. To learn more, visit writer.org.

Past Editors

Rick Cannon, DeeDee Clendenning, Geraldine Connolly, Caitlin Cushman, Jason DeYoung, Sunil Freeman, Martin Galvin, Barbara Goldberg, Philip K. Jason, Elizabeth Poliner, Gary Stein, and Bruce Weigl.

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